TouchCopy 16.12 MAC Free

TouchCopy 16.12 MAC Free 

TouchCopy 16.12 MAC Free is a useful application that provides you with a safe and secure way to backup and transfers all your content from your own iPod, iPhone or iPad.With TouchCopy you can save your valuable music, playlists, podcasts, applications, videos, and message data from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your hard drive directly or back it to iTunes, naturally and effortlessly.Overall, TouchCopy has a slightly clunky program and a sluggish to reasonable transfer speed(depending upon your PC). On the side that is plus it provides you with a clear report of just what information has been copied and exactly what hasn’t. The range of data which can transfer is quite extensive, considering a quantity of different types of data that stored on an iOS unit. You can not only transfer image, application and music data, TouchCopy gathers the data from album art, ratings, play counts and other song information also.ouchCopy Lets you copy your music, video, photos, text messages and more from your iPod, iPad or iPhone back on your Mac or directly into iTunes.


The interface that is slick of is perfect for its use, as it’s not too complicated and resembles the style of iTunes. There are 4 buttons at the top corner that is rightPlay, Next, Copy to PC and Backup), a couple of other people at the top left corner (Options and Help), and between them is an area with information about the current song playing (title, artist, time elapsed, progress bar, etc.). The central section of this system split into a pane located regarding the side that is different left-hand groups for your files, and the rest of the window, where the actual contents of each and every category presented. There are some buttons at the base of the window, such as Eject iPod, Clear History, Shuffle Play, etc.

TouchCopy 16.12 MAC Free


It’s very an easy task to transfer the files from your device to your computer. Just choose the things you want to duplicate and click on the “Copy to PC” button regarding the top left. A window shall appear requesting to browse for a destination folder, so pick one and let the print process begin. You can click on the “Back Up” option instead and proceed in a similar way if you want to save all your music, playlists and videos.

Not only files, but track data like ratings, play counts, and album arts will be transferred too.

If you’re hesitating to connect your unit to your computer because iTunes will try to sync it with your collection and therefore delete the device’s contents, then don’t worry. TouchCopy will prevent iTunes from wanting to do this.


While testing the program we discovered a few graphical problems, where sometimes the lists with the media files would just disappear completely and wouldn’t appear you were) unless you clicked in another category from the panel (and then back to the category. But which was simply a minor bug that should fix in future versions?


  1. Transfer music and playlists from your own iPhone, iPod or iPad straight back to iTunes on your own Mac
  2. Save your Text Message, iMessage & WhatsApp conversations to your Mac.
  3. Save Voice Mails from iPhone to your Mac.
  4. View and copy Calendars, Contacts, Internet history and more to your Mac.
  5. Useful iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad File Manager enabling you to copy files to and from your iOS unit.
  6. Includes a comprehensive help system and email support that is friendly.

TouchCopy 16.12 MAC Free  is here:

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