IM+ Pro Cracked + APK Free Download

IM+ Pro Cracked + APK Free Download IM+ supports simultaneously major IM solutions, including Google Talk, Twitter DMs, Yahoo!, AIM/chat, ICQ, Jabber (and Slack through Jabber), and many others.[custom_list icon=”hand-o-right” iconcolor=”#81d742″]
IM+ Pro Cracked + APK Free Download

Below is the variety of  IM+ Pro Cracked + APK Free Download+ features

  • UI is optimized for both smartphones and tablet computers
  • Send text messages, photos, and sound notes
  • Group chats in AIM, ICQ
  • Chat history
  • Multiple records per service
  • Create individual and status that is go
  • Customize your experience that is IM+ with sound notifications and emoticons
  • Typing notifications
  • Choice to set Master Password
  • Off-The-Record (OTR) messaging[/custom_list]


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