Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download

Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download

Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download

Retrica Pro APK

Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download is a camera filter application that has grown in popularity ever since its induction to the line of several camera screen applications available of mobile devices. The professional version of the app features exclusive camera filters designed specifically to work with the application.
Retrica Pro is useful for adding filters to high-resolution photographs and thereby enhancing its aesthetic value. The application has released only for Apple’s iOS. The user can use the 80 different, artistic filters available for photos taken either from the camera or the phone’s gallery.
Another option available for users is to take the picture with the metric camera itself and preview the photo before taking it.  Over a million users use the free application on various platforms, and this is just another attempt by the application’s developers to expand their audience and provide better features for the price of 2.99$.
Retrica Pro APK Key Features:-
Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download
There are also options to take group photos and make collages instantly with the application’s camera. There is a self-timer option that snaps a photo every few seconds to develop a picture featuring different photos taken consecutively. The college option features 22 different layouts. Apart from filters.
The application also features image-editing options wherein the user can add specific effects, blur in or out of the image, add background text, borders, etc. directly on the application with the various filters the app offers. This option is open for both imported photos as well as live ones.

  • Over 80 live filters for photographs
  • Integration with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram
  • Option to import images from the camera roll
  • Self-Timer option integrated into the Retrica camera
  • Instant upload and share option available
  • Image settings can be edited including details like aperture, focus, etc.
  • 22 different unique layouts for creating collages
  • Creative image editing options
  • Secure Photo Messenger

Main Pros and Cons:-

  • The active filters of the application are unique and render beautiful images that look professionally designed. With a growing population of filters, the request is set to dominate the category of camera screen applications.
  • Option to preview filters while taking images enables the user to pick the best filter for the best pose
  • As it is the professional version, no advertisements are featuring in the applicationThat creepsup on every screen.


  • The quality of image and filter rendered depend heavily on the quality of the photo imported. A poor quality image will retain the same poor quality even after the edit.
  • The applicationExperienced lag while accessing camera roll. This slows down the application frequently.

Retrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free DownloadRetrica Pro APK [ Upgraded Version ] Free Download
Most Common Users: As the application offers complete social media integration, the standard users would be photography enthusiasts who like both capturing photos as well being captured on camera. It is a popular application among teenagers and young adults who like to experiment with their photographs.
Author Note: Retrica Pro is the professional version of a powerful camera filter application that has advanced features that enhance the user experience of editing and sharing photographs.

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